Friday, 31 August 2018

Beautiful make up brushes

Makeup brushes:

If you like wearing make up, then it deserves to be applied correctly. I found this beautiful set of makeup brushes on Amazon. At just £9.99 for 16 quality brushes and a carry case that's great value.

The brushes are in a neat faux leather roll that you can carry around.
There are large brushes for powders

Small brushes for eyeshadow

Supplied in a portable brush roll/ faux leather case and the box tells you what each brush should be used for.

There is one for every step of your makeup from applying foundation, powder and blusher, to neat eye makeup brushes for eye shadow, eyeliner and eyebrows not to forget your lip brush. They have smart black marbled handles and the bristles are fine and soft.

You can buy them now from Amazon

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Look great for a fiver

I'm probably telling a lot of you something you already know about - the brilliant website Everything Five pounds well yeah it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Selling surplus brand name products its like a great big clearance store, with clothes for women and men plus footwear, handbags underwear and accessories and every single item is priced at £5

From jeans and casual tops like these

to something smart to wear to work

Some shoes

Or a coat

They are ALL just a fiver.

New items are added every single day and although they always have a great selection of products to browse through you have to be quick to nab the best of the best and to have a chance of getting the more popular sizes.

A good way to do this is to follow their Facebook page where they post photo previews of new items being added, the day before.

Delivery isn't free, although sometimes after your first order they'll send special offer codes out which may have free delivery or a free item etc.

Delivery takes a few days and when I order anything, I usually plump for buying 5 or 6 items at a time and plump for next day delivery which only costs a little more and means you get your bag of goodies quickly.

What I will say is look very carefully at the photos - product vary in quality, and although you can pick up chain store and High street fashions some are more like market stall quality.

If the hem looks slightly wonky or the sleeves pull at the shoulders don't buy it, you can bet yours will be wonky too.

But there are so many really great bargains it's always worth a look. Especially at around 9 am each day when new lines are added.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Beauty and fashion - at MY age?

Who'd have thought I could become a style influencer when I reached the wrong side of 60?

But I've always been interested in making the most of my appearance and I'm relived to be growing gently older in an age where 60 plus doesn't mean pastel cardigans and blue rinsed perms!

I'm a very thrifty shopper who loves a bargain, I love to discover discounted cosmetics and toiletries, that make me feel smell or look good without breaking the bank and I like to remain stylish whilst picking up thrifty buys from charity shops, Primark and ebay! I'm going to post tips and  recommendations based purely on what I like and use, if you share my tastes read on, if you think I look and dress like your Granny and wouldn't be seen dead in my choices that's fine. I'm old enough not to care and not to want to be seen out and about in skin tight sports wear or clothes with the "designer" label on the outside.

I have a few style challenges - I'm a little on the short side, if I really stretch my spine I can just make 5ft 2", I'm a barrel shape carrying a bit extra weight and most of it around my middle, though I'm constantly trying to eat healthily. I like practical, comfortable clothes with a hint of vintage chic, a few basic classics coupled with quirky accessories, a slash of lippy and a splash of something which smells lovely.

I will be sharing some of my favourite websites, products and ideas here.

The first website I'd like to introduce to the thrifty fashionista is Vinted

Vinted is a really great second hand clothes site to browse and buy pre-loved, nearly new and vintage fashions and accessories and if you can't find anything you love you can sort out your wardrobe and sell your surplus items and its currently completely free to use.

Current bargains I found today include this cute batwing tunic from Dorothey Perkins for just a fiver
Or how about this pretty floral kimono top from boohoo for only £1
Go have a peep there are clothes for all the family and if you are spring cleaning your wardrobe I can recommend listing your items on there, after all there aren't many places you can do that for absolutely nothing! Good luck, let me know if you visit Vinted and what you think.